Token Features

Shipping company ARTEL MARINE

Shipping company ARTEL MARINE from the first days of work
is a confident leader in passenger river transport.


The shipping company’s fleet consists of three new passenger ships.


Professional captains, an experienced team, will provide you with the highest quality service.


The fleet meets all safety standards and undergoes regular inspections and maintenance.


Affordable prices, the highest level of comfort and quality service.

Token Features
Shipping company

Passenger boats rental at ARTEL MARINE

The most significant and joyful events always want to be held with loved ones and in a very unusual place. Restaurants, banquet halls – all this has become traditional attributes of celebrations. If you want to try something new, surprise the invited guests or make your holiday unforgettable, then a wonderful option would be to rent a steamboat in Nikolaev for a walk.

Catamaran Rental

Nowadays renting a vessel in Nikolaev is not an event that is extraordinary. The activity of our company is widely known in Nikolaev and beyond. Thanks to a decent level, high quality of service and affordable prices for catamaran rentals, customers were able to appreciate our offer.
Renting a steamboat for a wedding in Nikolaev is a great opportunity not only to gather guests in an unusual place, but also to make stunning pictures against the backdrop of picturesque places. Do not forget that swimming, going out in the open water is a metaphorical symbol of new life. Therefore, renting a steamboat for graduation, birthday will be the perfect gift.

Attention to every client

If you want to rent a catamaran, we will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with each vessel by sight, arranging a visit and inspection of the vessel. You just have to give general information about the planned event and the number of guests present. Not only are we ready to listen to the client’s wishes, but we can also offer options that can delight many of our catamaran guests. Our catamarans are an interesting option for corporate events, staff training or business events. Management trainings, business meetings that will be followed by an exquisite banquet at breaks and an impressive view from the window – an indicator of the high status of the company and the event.

ARTEL MARINE passenger fleet

The company’s own fleet today consists of three pleasure craft. Depending on the number of guests and financial capacity, you can choose any vessel. We can help in choosing the option that can become a “star hour” of all participants of the solemn event.

Catamaran ELENA

The 17-meter two-deck Helena Catamaran was built in 2014. On a catamaran in a comfortable cabin equipped with a bar, upholstered chairs and tables can comfortably accommodate 50 passengers. The ship has an open upper stroll deck on which the sun beds are installed. The vessel is equipped with all amenities.

Year built 2015
Passenger capacity 50 per
Length 16,85m
Width 6,75m
Speed 8 kn.

Catamaran Love Ivanova

The 17-meter two-deck pleasure catamaran Lyubov Ivanova was built in 2017. The salon is equipped with a comfortable lounge and seating for 90 passengers. The ship has an open upper promenade deck, two bathrooms, a bar counter, comfortable soft seats that can accommodate 45 people and a panoramic view of the windows.

Year built 2015
Passenger capacity 90 per
Length 18,00m
Width 7,00m
Speed  9 kn.

Passenger ship Anna II

The 21.6-meter Anna II passenger ship built in April 2016. The salon has 90 seats, two toilets on the stern are seats and smoking area, water descent, landing and disembarkation area, access to life rafts and passenger rest area.

Year built 2015
Passenger capacity 90 per
Length 21,6
Width 5,2m
Speed 9 kn.

River walks in Nikolaev

Our vessels are always ready to take you away from the bustle of the bustle of the city and show you fantastic beautiful scenery. You will get unforgettable impressions and good mood !!!

Regular walks

Daily walks on the Southern Bug and Ingul lasting 1 hour. Even in such a short time you can rest and gain the nourishing power of water and air. During our journey, you pass under the Ingulsky Bridge, which connects the central part of the city with the districts of Salt, Matveevka and Varvarovsky drawbridge, which can be reached in Varvarovka, Bolshaya and Malaya Korenikh. Further we go past the 8 berth and Yacht Club – a very popular coastal recreation area for citizens and guests of our city. Here our ship makes a complete U-turn, the first half of the route is completed and we go in the opposite direction.

Evening walks

Nikolaev in the evening lights millions of lights and looks even more beautiful than in the afternoon! We invite you to enjoy the views of the most interesting places of the city with us. In summer and warm evenings, you can relax and enjoy the sunset. Sunsets over water – a phenomenon quite wonderful. The cozy, air-conditioned cabin of each boat is up-to-date, air-conditioned and has cozy armchairs, and panoramic windows allow you to enjoy the scenery. There is a bar and lavatory on board. If you wish, you can sit on the upper deck to fully experience the beauty of the river walk.

The cost of renting a vessel

Ordering a catamaran for corporate events:

Catamaran “Love Ivanova”
The first and second hour – 5500 UAH.
Subsequent – 4500 UAH.

Helena Catamaran

The first and second hour – 4500 UAH.
Subsequent – 4000 UAH.

School Corporates:
on weekdays until 15:00 and on weekends from 8:00 to 11:00 (except prom) – 3500 UAH.

The price of tickets for regular walks

One hour walk along the Southern Bug and Ingul:
Adult – 120 UAH.
Children (7 to 14 years old) – 80 UAH.
Children under 7 years are free of charge.


Book a catamaran and get a consultation
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