Company History

The LLC Artel LTD company exists more than 20 years, it was founded in 1992. At the initial stage of its activity, the company was engaged in the manufacture of upscale cabinet furniture. In 1999, we produced the first CNC milling machine “Artmaster”. Since that time, more than 1000 CNC milling machines have been produced from our workshops, the technologies of which have been constantly improved, and the choice of equipment has grown significantly.
Today LLC Artel LTD manufactures a whole line of CNC equipment, milling woodworking machines, vacuum presses, laser, plasma and waterjet machines for metal cutting, glass processing equipment. All products are certified in the European Union, and certified according to the international standard ISO 9001.


Nikolaev is rightfully considered the city of Korabelov. The professional, specialized training of young personnel in specialized educational institutions, the production base, the geographical location of the city at the confluence of rivers and direct access to the sea, have laid a rich potential for the development of any areas of production and business related to shipbuilding. In 2009, we launched a series of ambitious shipbuilding projects. A shipyard was built on the bank of the Southern Bug River, equipped with the most modern equipment and CNC machines for metalworking, gantry cranes, a large lifting slip allowing to lower and raise vessels up to 25 meters long. In a few years, passenger fishing vessels, fishing seiners, sea trams, left the company’s stock, now another comfortable passenger catamaran is under construction, and a new marine passenger ship is being developed. A base for fiberglass production was equipped at the shipyard. Now we are producing several models of HOVART hovercraft and a series of electric boats ECOBOAT. The main priorities for us are the quality and safety of products, so we pay special attention to quality control, control is carried out using high-precision instruments and according to the results of numerous tests. We do not save on the quality of materials and equipment for the manufacture of ships.
The main suppliers of key elements of the SVP are well-known European companies such as FNM, ROTAX, Sauer, Hascon, Orca , Aropol and many others.


We own our own fleet of comfortable passenger ships and regularly expand it. From early spring to late autumn, our ships run on excursion routes by the Ingul and Southern Bug rivers.
If you have only an hour at your disposal and you want to spend it in the best way, what could be more wonderful than a river walk!

You will see a great view of the city with the longest coastline in Ukraine.

If you want to hold an event, conference, banquet or corporate party, you can rent any of our pleasure boats and go on any route of your choice.

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