Tornado F50 Lifeguard

Hovercraft specially designed for rescue operations.


The Tornado F50 Lifeguard is a hovercraft specially designed for rescue operations. Rescue personnel around the world recognize that the aircraft is the only rescue vehicle capable of quickly and safely performing rescue operations on water with fast flowing, thin or broken ice, flood waters, mud, swamps and snow. Since it soars safely at a height of a few centimeters above the surface, the hovercraft keeps your rescue team above danger and gives you access to areas where the boat or helicopter cannot approach. Tornado F50 Lifeguard can be quickly delivered to the place of salvation on the trailer behind the car, the F50 Lifeguard can start a few seconds after arriving at the place, directly from the trailer. This is very important because when conducting rescue operations, the time counts for seconds.


Length 3.70 m.
Width 1.89 m.
Height 1.54 m.
Propeller diameter 0.92 m.
Fuel capacity 35 L.
Number of passengers 3 pers.
Payload up to 200 on water / up to 300 on hard surface
Curb weight 300 kg.
Stock of emergency buoyancy 350 l.
Engine ROTAX 100 hp
Height of obstacles to be overcome 0.2 m.
Wave height 0.4 m.
Maximum water speed up to 75 km / h
Maximum speed on ice up to 100 km / h
Maximum ground speed up to 60 km / h
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