Passenger catamaran ELENA

The first passenger ship built at the shipyard of the Artel company, the shipbuilding history of our company began with the construction of this catamaran.


The double-decker walking catamaran Elena was built in October 2014, the project was developed at the Artel design bureau taking into account all the requirements of the Ukrainian Register of Shipping for passenger ships. We apply only proven technological and design solutions based on experience in construction and operation. The ship is built at the company’s shipyard and has a metal hull. The power plant consists of two ATM 135 diesel engines? Italian production. A catamaran in a comfortable cabin equipped with a bar, soft chairs and tables can comfortably accommodate 50 passengers. The vessel has an open upper promenade deck on which deck chairs are installed.

We have all the equipment and accessories for serial production of vessels of this project.

At the moment, the vessel works in the shipping company ARTELMARINE, the catamaran makes regular pleasure trips to the waters of Nikolaev, and a catamaran is available for your events.


Category Motor ship river-sea
Class KM + [1] B2 passenger
Year, place of construction 2015, Nikolaev, Ukraine
Length 16.85 m
Width 6.75 m
Draft 1.1 m
Depth 2.2 m
Main engine 2xATM 135, Italy. Power: 184 kW.
Gross tonnage 32 r.t.
Passenger capacity 50 people
Max. speed 8 knots.
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