Token Features

Electric boats ECOBOAT

We care about environmental issues, we care about the environment,
we produce boats that do not pollute nature,
and allow you to be in harmony with her.



Engines do not have harmful emissions, the body material does not harm the environment.


You no longer need fuel, one battery charge is enough for 6 hours of engine operation.


Boats are water resistant and unsinkable, comply with CЄ safety standards.


Soft comfortable seats, ease of operation, equipment at the request of the client.

Token Features

Electric pleasure boats.

Could you imagine a boat trip without expensive fuel costs, without parking fees at a yacht club, without the difficulties of maintaining a boat? Would you like to silently swim in the water, relaxing comfortably on comfortable seats, or even lying on the couch?

The Artel company, under the EcoBoat trademark, realized this dream! We want to give you a completely new feeling, having embodied the most daring wishes in our new product – electric pleasure boats EcoBoat!

Electric pleasure boats EcoBoat were designed and built as an alternative to pedalo and row of boats with the same passenger capacity, however, our boats are equipped with an engine that is much more maneuverable and more convenient to transport and store.
EcoBoat is a completely new product for relaxing on the water, thanks to a wide range of models, each consumer can choose a convenient electric pleasure boat specifically for themselves.

Cruising range, unsinkability, safety and speed characteristics allow you to use EcoBoat in almost any water area. The contours of the housing of our EcoBoat allow you to overcome a small wave, behave stably on the water. From the boat you can go down into the water, as well as safely climb inside. EcoBoat boats are designed for 2 and 4 adult passengers.

The cruising speed of electric pleasure boats EcoBoat is 6-8 km / h. EcoBoat control is very easy and intuitive, even a child will cope with the operation of the electroboat!




If you rent boats, pedal boats, have a hotel, or a business shore, our boats will be great entertainment for your guests.
The payback period for a boat is one season.



Range of ECOBOAT

Today we mass-produce three models of electric boats RELAX, WAVE, FISHER , we are not standing still, work is underway to expand the lineup, in the near future two new models will replenish our fleet.


On the soft and ergonomic forms of the boat you can sit both alone and with a child, buddy or soulmate. The Relax boat is convenient to use in enclosed small bodies of water, rivers and lakes. Due to its small dimensions and light weight, it is possible to transport it by car, and the wheels installed at the stern will help you easily lower the boat to the pond.

Boat characteristics Relax
Length 2,40 м
Width 1,60 м
Weight 70 kg
Engine 735 Wt
Carrying capacity 200 kg


Two-seater pleasure boat, which has maximum seaworthiness, in the wake you will feel safe. The boat pays great attention to comfort, ergonomic chairs, silent running, pleasant material of chairs and pillows for sunbeds, will allow you to enjoy a boat trip in the most convenient position. The time spent on the Wave catamaran will be remembered for you in comfort and reliability.

Boat characteristics Wave
Length 2,70 м
Width 1,80 м
Weight 100 kg
Engine 735 Wt
Carrying capacity 200 kg


“Fisher” is designed for a small company, soft seats will provide you comfort while relaxing on the water. If you are a fisherman, then clearly appreciate the convenience of this catamaran. Firstly, it is stable and you can perform manipulations while standing, secondly, “Fisher” is equipped with lockers, if necessary, it is possible to install stands for rods, cup holders and other necessary attributes for your convenience.

Boat characteristics Wave
Length 2,70 м
Width 1,80 м
Weight 130 kg
Engine 735 Вт
Carrying capacity 350 kg

Options electric boats ECOBOAT.

Customize your electric boat so that it fully meets your desires and enjoy a comfortable rest on the water.

Basic equipment

  • High Strength Fiberglass Case
  • Seats standard (foamed polymer)
  • Keel bottom and engine protection
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • Girdle around the perimeter
  • Lockers for storing personal belongings
  • Waterproof box for batteries
  • Cup Holders
  • EcoBoat electric pleasure boat control knobs
  • Check for safe engine stop
  • Start key
  • Stationary electric motor with screw
  • Digital Battery Meter
  • Stainless Steel Mooring Weft
  • Stainless Steel Towing Eye Bolt
  • Operating Instructions
  • Nameplate with housing information

Additional options

  • Seats premium filler (latex)
  • On-board charger
  • Charger cable
  • Hour meter
  • GPS tracker
  • Marine radio with MP3 player and USB and AUX interfaces
  • Marine Speakers
  • Mobile Phone Charger
  • Awning with arcs and cover assembly
  • Awning for storage and transportation
  • Trailer for transportation and storage
  • Li-ion battery


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