Electric pleasure boat ECOBOAT WAVE


We want to give you a completely new feeling, having embodied the most daring wishes in our new product – electric pleasure boats EcoBoat!


Electric pleasure boats EcoBoat were designed and built as an alternative to pedalo and row of boats with the same passenger capacity, however, our boats are equipped with an engine that is much more maneuverable and more convenient to transport and store. EcoBoat is a completely new product for relaxing on the water, thanks to a wide range of models, each consumer can choose a convenient electric pleasure boat specifically for themselves.

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Two-seater pleasure boat, which has maximum seaworthiness, in the wake you will feel safe. The boat pays great attention to comfort, ergonomic chairs, silent running, pleasant material of chairs and pillows for sunbeds, will allow you to enjoy a boat trip in the most convenient position.
The time spent on the WAVE catamaran will be remembered for you in comfort and reliability.