Fishing Seiner CM12 / 1

The construction of fishing vessels is one of the most sought-after jobs in all shipbuilding.


Commercial fishing is a profitable business that allows you to access various marine resources. We forecast a significant demand for fishing vessels in connection with the massive development of the resources of the vessels of the domestic fishing fleet. If you are just starting your business, and do not yet have a strong market position, ordering small fishing boats is a reasonable option. Such watercraft consume little fuel, have low operating costs, but they can get quite a lot of fish and have a very short payback period on investments made in building a ship.
Our shipbuilding company offers you the production of high quality fishing vessels.
The facilities of the enterprise allow for the commissioning of 4 complete fishing seiners of the CM12 / 1 project during the inter-navigation period.
Specialized fishing equipment is mounted to customer needs. Modification of the project to the customer’s tasks is possible. Removable wheelhouse and overall dimensions allow the ship to be transported by public roads.


Length 11.6 м.
Length DWL 10,75 м.
Width 3,08 м.
Board height 1,66 м.
Draft 0,90 м.
Displacement 17,8 т.
Crew 5 people.
Main engine FNM ENGINE ATM 135, 135 h.p.
Basic price 100 000 USD
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