Production aluminum RIB boats.

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28.04.2020 admin

Production aluminum RIB boats.

The company Artel LTD took up the development and production of aluminum RIB boats.

Expanding its horizons in shipbuilding, the LLC Artel LTD undertook the development and production of aluminum boats with RIB inflatable sides.
Why did we decide on such a step?

All the positive aspects of this craft speak for themselves. We wanted to combine the high buoyancy of a rubber boat and the high seaworthiness of a full-fledged ship. Such a collaboration is being implemented in RIB type boats.
The aluminum rigid hull was chosen because the material has a relatively light weight and sufficient strength, which allows you to install the same powerful motors on the boat as on rigid powerboats.
In general, the design turned out to be holistic – stable, maneuverable, unsinkable. The main indicator of our work is – the operation of this instance by the detachment of the CSN of Ukraine in the Nikolaev region!


Length 4.5 м.
Width 2.0 м.
Height 0.6 м.
Passenger capacity 6 чел.
Maximum load 650 kg.
Maximum engine power 50 h.p.